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Christ Our Creator - in whom all things exist - Part 1
Disproving Evolution

June 2017

To properly give an appropriate defense for this doctrine of truth called Creationism we must first understand that there are two main theories of how the universe and the corresponding life on earth came to be in all its complexities. 

How strong your belief is that these theories are true will determine how much of this argument you will accept and how much you will set aside as distorted Christian beliefs.  Therefore what will be attempted in the four lessons is to expose the obvious errors in the “Theory of Evolution” and in the “Theory of Intelligent Design.” By showing how impossible it is for an intellectually open mind to hold these theories as factual truth; it is my hope to show that the only plausible explanation for the creation and existence of our universe and our  world is that Christ is our creator in whom all things exist (cf. Isaiah 66: Revelation 4:11)

The two main theories we will be discussing are (1) Creationism and (2) The Theory of Evolution.  Then there is the Christian’s compromise theory that may not be in the forefront like Evolution but it is gaining popularity and notoriety.  One that Christians are now starting to whole heartedly accept as truth due to their weakness of faith, their lack of Biblical knowledge, and  their lack of conviction regarding God and His word.  Their lack of Biblical understanding stops them from defending against what seems to be an overwhelming pile of so called factual evidence that contradicts the creation story.  It also plays a significant role in their acceptance of this compromise theory called “The Theory of Intelligent Design.” 

As all of us are aware the Evolution Theory which is also called Darwinism, has come under much scrutiny and there are many who are now seriously concerned with its validity.  Numerous holes in the evolution process, like no observable evolutionary evidence, no verifiable proven physical evidence in the fossil record to substantiate it and an abundance of scientific evidence that the earth is proven to be only a few thousand years old has left evolution on the edge of being exposed as an enormous hoax that has been for many years perpetrated on the world community as truth.  This has left scientists and many liberal theologians down the road of compromise in the name of scientific and theological harmony.  This compromise has birthed what is known as the “Theory of Intelligent Design.”  Therefore, let us first look at the “Theory of Intelligent Design (ID)” first.

The advocates of this hypothesis are trying to convince many of the fifty States to teach “Intelligent design” along with Darwinism in Public Schools.  Even President Bush while in office got involved in the effort.  He said “schoolchildren should be taught about “Intelligent design,” a view of creation that challenges established scientific thinking and promotes the idea that an unseen force is behind the development of humanity.”  He went on to say that; “Both sides ought to be properly taught…so people can understand what the debate is about.  Part of education is to expose people to different schools of thought…if you’re asking me whether or not people ought to be exposed to different ideas, the answer is yes”[i]  Sounds politically and ethically correct and reasonable doesn’t it? 

Intelligent design is nothing more than the Devil’s old lie with a new spin.  It is one of many Devilish lies and theoretical compromises used to combat the resolute Biblical account of Creation found in Genesis One.  Listen very carefully to what this theory’s opponents are saying about “Intelligent design.”  “Intelligent design” is a cleverly marketed effort to introduce religious – especially Christian thinking to students.”  Opponents also state that “Church groups and other interest groups are pursuing political channels instead of first building support through traditional scientific review.”[ii]  Notice the words “Christian thinking”, and “Church groups.”  Intelligent design is not “Christian thinking” nor should it be supported by “Church groups!”  It is by all levels of intelligent thinking, in total opposition to true “Christian thinking!”  Brethren, any association with this hypothesis should be sternly and unmistakably refuted.  Let Christians arise and loudly declare exactly what “Intelligent Design” is, “a Devilish lie!”

In the same article in the Washington Post, Gary L. Bauer who is called a “Christian Conservative leader,” who ran for president against Bush in the 2000 Republican primaries said.  “With the president endorsing it, at the very least it makes Americans who have that position more respectable, for lack of a better phrase. It’s not some backwater view.  It’s a view held by the majority of Americans.”[iii]  Query; more respectable then what?  Other less Biblically illiterate Americans!  And; what does the view of the majority of Americans have to do with the validity or lack thereof of Scriptural truth – or intelligent reasoning for that matter?  Intelligent design “is a backwater view!  Intelligent Design is a Devilish scheme marketed as a Christian compromise in response to the world’s opposition to God and the absolute truth of His Word.

Intelligent Design is not the first, nor will it be the last of Satan’s fabrications to find a home for itself with an unsuspecting and Biblically ignorant American public.  Who, by the way, are becoming more and more unacquainted with the truth contained in God’s Word as the days go by!  Some other satanic fabrications are.           

            1.         Atheistic Evolution (AE or Darwinism).

            2.         Naturalistic Evolution (NE).                          

            3.         Progressive Creationism (PC).

            4.         Theistic Evolution (TE).

            5.         And now, Intelligent Design (ID).

To further understand the subtly of “Intelligent design” it would benefit us to define these other hypotheses before we continue speaking about it.  First is

1.      Atheistic Evolution (Darwinism) (AE) – is the belief that everything that exists developed on its own without intervention of a superior entity.  Darwin’s theory has been clearly summarized by the late Harvard paleontologist and science historian, Stephen Jay Gould. According to Dr. Gould, Darwin’s theory consisted of three basic facts and one inference. The facts are:

      First, that all organisms produce more offspring than can possibly survive.

      Second, that all organisms within a species vary, one from the other.

      Third, that at least some of this variation is inherited by offspring.

The inference is that, from these facts, said Gould, “We easily infer the process of “Natural Selection.”        Those organisms that inherit the more favorable variations will be better adapted to their local environment. This makes them better able to pass these variations to the next generation. Over successive generations, a proportion of those with favorable variations will grow – until they comprise virtually the whole population.  “Contemporary Darwinism” (also called neo-Darwinism) adds to Darwin’s theory the notion that favorable variations arise from random genetic mutations.”[iv]  

In other words man came to be by haphazard biological mistakes.  Therefore, man has no soul, no future after death, he is just a fluke, a mishap of nature, doomed to decay once he dies!  Great way to think about ones future, isn’t it?  The chances of this actually happening will be discussed later in this section.  This writer prefers believing that he is a uniquely designed creation specifically made by God, for God’s glory.  He has a glorious future and hope, and that upon death; he will spend eternity in the arms of a truly loving and caring God (Ref. 1st Peter 2:9 and 1st Corinthians 15:12-58)!  This hope gives us a sense of worth and purpose don’t you think?  Atheistic Evolution on the other hand gives us hopelessness with no sense of worth, of hope or a future. 

2.      Naturalistic Evolution (NE) – When we talk about naturalistic evolution, we’re talking about the claim that the diversity of life is the result of undirected natural processes. It absolutely rules out any miraculous or supernatural intervention at any point.  Everything is conclusively presumed to have happened through purely material mechanisms that are in principle accessible to scientific investigation, whether they have yet been discovered or not.  Naturalistic Evolution is consistent with the existence of God, but only if by the term God we mean no more than a first cause which then retires from further activity after establishing the laws of nature and setting the natural mechanism in motion.”[v]  In other words, God if one exists or if we wish to call it by that name is an uncaring, uninvolved, totally separate entity that exhibits absolutely no caring or interest in what it created!

3.      Progressive Creationism (PC) – Progressive Creationism (also called Process Creation) is the belief that God created the heavens and the earth over a period of billions of years, not the six twenty four hour days that is the basis for the traditional Creationism view. Progressive creationists can be liberal or conservative in their theological belief system, but they generally agree on the following:

ě  The "Big Bang" is interpreted as God's way of producing stars and galaxies through billions-of-years of natural processes.

ě  The earth and universe are billions of years old, not merely thousands of years old.

ě  The days of creation were overlapping periods of millions and billions of years.

ě  Death and bloodshed have existed from the very beginning of creation and were not the result of Adam's sin. Man was created after the majority of earth's history of life and death had already taken place.

ě  The flood of Noah was local, not global and it had little effect on the earth's geology which shows billions of years of history.

It is obvious that Progressive Creationism is a belief which opposes both atheistic evolutionism and historic Christianity's understanding of Biblical creationism. The teachings of Progressive Creationism are not new or original, but, in recent years, have received favorable publicity through Christian radio, television, as well as Christian magazines and books.  This growing acceptance of Progressive Creationism is a perfect example for why true Christians need to study the Bible (2nd Timothy 2:15)!

4.      Theistic Evolution (TE) – Theistic comes from the Greek word “Theos,” which means God. Many intellectuals have assumed that evolution is "the way God created all things."  Theistic Evolution proponents believe one of two things: 

1.      That, while there is a God, He was not directly involved in the origin of life. He may have created the building blocks, He may have created the natural laws, He may even have created these things with the eventual emergence of life in mind, but at some point early on He stepped back and let His creation take over. He let it do what it does, whatever that is, and life eventually emerged from non-living material. This view is similar to Atheistic Evolution in that it presumes a naturalistic origin of life.

2.      Or, that God did not perform just one or two miracles to bring about the origin of life as we know it. His miracles were innumerable. He led life step by step down a path which took it from primeval simplicity to contemporary complexity, similar to Darwin’s Evolutionary Tree of Life (fish begot amphibians who begot reptiles who begot birds and mammals, etc.). Where life was not able to evolve naturally, (for example; how does a reptile's limb evolve into a bird's wing naturally?)  The answer given is God stepped in! This so called “stepping in” is called the “God of the Gaps Argument.”  This view is similar to “Special Creation” (Special Creation is the belief that all living things were specially created by God) in that it presumes that God acted supernaturally in some way to bring about life as we know it.

5.      Intelligent Design (ID) – William Dembski is associate research professor in the conceptual foundations of science at Baylor University and senior fellow with Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture describes “Intelligent Design” like this in his book entitled “Intelligent Design - The Bridge between Science and Theology; “The Design theory is also called “design or the design argument.” is the view that nature shows tangible signs of having been designed by a preexisting intelligence or unseen force.  Although NO attempt is made at explaining or defining the preexisting intelligence or unseen force is.” [vi]

Intelligent Design has been around, in one form or another, since the time of ancient Greece. The most famous version of the design argument can be found in the work of theologian William Paley, who in 1802 proposed his "watchmaker" thesis (just another name for Intelligent Design). His reasoning went like this: “In crossing the highlands, suppose I stubbed my foot against a stone, and were asked how the stone came to be there; I might possibly answer, that, for anything I knew to the contrary, it had laid there forever… But suppose I had found a watch upon the ground, and it should be inquired how the watch happened to be in that place; I should hardly think the answer which I had before given [would be sufficient].  To the contrary, the fine coordination of all its parts would force us to conclude that the watch must have had a maker: that there must have existed, at some time, and at some place or other, an inventor, or one whose work requires skill or knowledge, and who comprehended its construction, and designed its use.  A design and construction we find impossible to explain.”[vii]       

Paley argued that we can draw the same conclusion about many natural objects, such as the eye.  Just as a watch’s parts are all perfectly adapted for the purpose of telling time, the parts of an eye are all perfectly adapted for the purpose of seeing. In each case, Paley argued, we see the marks of an intelligent designer.

Although Paley’s basic notion was sound, and influenced thinkers for decades, Paley never provided a rigorous standard for detecting design in nature. Detecting design depended on such vague standards as being able to discern an object’s “purpose.” All of these things made design an easy target for Charles Darwin when he proposed his theory of Evolution. 

Following the triumph of Darwin’s theory, design theory was all but banished from biology.  Since the 1980s, however, advances in biology have convinced a new generation of scholars that Darwin’s theory was inadequate to account for the sheer complexity of living things. These scholars – chemists, biologists, mathematicians and philosophers of science – began to reconsider design theory. They formulated this new view of design called “Intelligent Design” to avoid the pitfalls of previous versions.[viii]

Simply stated “Intelligent Design” develops the belief that an unspecified and unknown intelligent designer or inventor, created systems which created the cosmos.  Once this unspecified and unknown intelligent designer created the systems it released control to the systems themselves and essentially left the created systems to evolve on their own.  Intelligent Design deliberately does not try to identify or name the specific agent of creation (whether it is a God, an unseen force, an intelligent reason or visitors from other planets for that matter) – merely that one (or more) must exist.  This view is different from Progressive Creationism because it does not specify a specific entity of creation. 

This belief in an unspecified and unknown intelligent designer compels us to ask this question; doesn’t a Designer with “Intelligence” directly refer to someone supernatural?  Although this question is a logical one, Proponents of the theory of Intelligent Design’s answer is: “NO.”  From an Intelligent Design perspective, the natural – vs. – supernatural distinction is irrelevant.  The real contrast is not between natural laws and supernatural intervention (miracles), but between undirected natural causes (Naturalistic Evolution) or an unseen, unknown force or superior intelligence.  Mr. Dembski puts it this way.  “Whether an intelligent cause is located within or outside nature (i.e., is respectively natural or supernatural) is a separate question from whether an intelligent cause has operated.  Human actions are a case in point.  Just as humans do not perform miracles every time they act as intelligent agents, so there is no reason to assume that for a designer to act as an intelligent agent requires a violation of natural laws.”[ix]

A careful study of all these views shows a similar basic and underlying thought, except for Atheistic Evolution. That is; that God, a non-defined entity, or an entity defined as an intelligent unseen force, or a “principle of reason which pervades the whole of nature.” Aristotle put it this way in his work “de Natura Deorum” had this “principle of reason which pervades the whole of nature. (but in what capacity is not exactly known), been involved in the creation of the cosmos, it is not known nor can it be known for how long this principle of reason was involved.  Some theories think only at the beginning (Naturalistic Evolution and Theistic Evolution).  Others believe that the intelligent unseen force stepped into the evolutionary process when needed over a period of billions of years (Progressive Creationism).  This seeming similar underlying belief is based on the growing evidence that Darwinism is full of inconsistencies which have no rational or scientific answers.  Therefore there must be another answer to these inconsistencies in Darwin’s theory, hence the creation of this satanic compromise called “Intelligent Design”. 

Dr. Denis Alexander is the director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at St Edmund's College, Cambridge, a molecular biologist and an author on science and religion.  He is also an editor of Science and Christian Belief.  He is an evangelical Christian.  He has also written two books on science from a Christian perspective which asserts that; “Intelligent Design proponents are enthusiastically embracing an apologetic mirage in regard to the God of the gaps argument.”  The God of the gaps argument states that God is the answer to understanding all the gaps that are unexplained in the design or evolution of our cosmos.  Dr. Alexander believes that the “Intelligent Design proponent’s belief in the God of the gaps theory will gradually fade away as scientific knowledge increases.  Intelligent Design followers believe that given time natural forces will be all that is required to explain all of biology (Atheistic Evolution, also referred to as Darwinism).  They believe that as the gaps in our knowledge decrease the God we needed to explain those gaps will gradually disappear.  Proponents of the Intelligent Design theory assume that the God of the gaps argument will eventually become mute because there are no gaps which would have required God’s direct intervention.”[x]  This is Darwinism to a tee!

Douglas Henry, an assistant professor of philosophy and director of Baylor’s Institute for faith and learning responds to Intelligent Design’s beliefs this way; “there is no dogma more prevalent within American high culture than that smart people outgrowing God.  The more educated, the more knowledgeable, the more discerning and wise one is, the less one is inclined to be a deeply pious Christian. In higher education, this dogma gets expressed in the axiom that academic excellence and Christian faithfulness are incompatible.”[xi]             

“Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it: but the instruction of fools is folly (Proverbs16:22).  “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.  Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools (Romans 1:20-22).

Perhaps the greatest challenge for the proponents of the Intelligent Design hypothesis is in attempting to establish a credible scientific theory without trying to identify the basic component and foundation of that theory. 

The means by which all science evolves and before it can be established as fact is called the Scientific Method.  The Scientific Method has four standards that must be met; if any or all of them are removed or skipped you cannot and do not have scientific fact.  The four standards are as follows.

  1. Observation – One must observe the things in order to have the Scientific method to occur.
  2. Hypothesis must be developed based on your observation.
  3. Testing of your Hypothesis in a controlled environment.
  4. These tests must produce reoccurring provable results.

All four standards must be met in order for you to have scientific fact.  To the rational thinking scientific community the purposeful avoidance of these scientific principle makes Intelligent Design mind-boggling and almost impossible to accept.  This avoidance of the Scientific Method holds true for all the theories briefly discussed so far and makes them all impossible to accept.  However both theories are presented today in all of our learning institutions as scientific fact.

This type of theory can have little to no following in the scientific community and none among the Christian faithful, who are studying to show themselves approved unto God, because it cannot be verified, or make any reasonable or specific provable predictions.  For both these reasons scholars and the scientific community will not acknowledge the Intelligent Design theory’s feasibility and therefore give it any serious attention.  Intelligent Design does not offer any spiritual component either.  Believing in such an obscure and unsubstantiated and unprovable system is much harder than believing in an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient creator.

This creation model leaves no place for reasonable discussion; it only demands blind faith!  Therefore it is not unreasonable to state that evolution in any form is a religion all its own.  Herein lies an opportunity to show the freedom that exists in Christ. Truth holds no threat to the Christian! Scientific truth will always validate spiritual truth.  Despite assaults and protests from so called “intelligent sources,” truth in nature will always be found indelibly connected with the spiritual realm.  Scientific truth will always point to an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God who is behind all of creation and is responsible for nature’s existence and characteristics. 

If Intelligent Design theorist wish to state that the cosmos is designed by a preexisting unseen force or intelligence it is at least beneficial for them to define or even attempt to explain this preexisting unseen intelligent force.  It is not adequate or acceptable to any educated individual to leave its main component, its very foundation unexplained, undefined, and at best ambiguous.  The bottom line is this; the truth of the Biblical Creationism or the Special Creationism model always points the truth-seeker to its Source – Jesus the only begotten of the Father.  Jesus in whom all things were created and in whom all things exist.  While praying Jesus said; “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent (John 17:3).”

It is this writer’s opinion that our fight should not be to introduce or not to introduce intelligent design into the Public school system as an alternative theory to Darwinism but with intelligent debate using scientific facts, disclose the fallacy of these theories and through the use of our governmental system return creationism back into our institutes of learning.  As it is right now Darwinism is taught in our high schools, colleges and universities.  Not just as a theory however but as scientific fact!  Therefore we must combat it in the same way, with scientific fact.  Notice what the well renowned English biologist Julian Huxley who in 1959 said; “the point to make about Darwin’s theory is that it is no longer a theory but a fact.  Darwinism has come to age, so to speak and we no longer have to bother about establishing the fact of evolution.” [xii]

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (May 1, 1881 – April 10, 1955) was a French philosopher and Jesuit priest who was trained as a paleontologist and geologist; he was the man responsible for bringing us absolute conclusive proof of evolution in the form of “Piltdown man” and “Peking man.”  He, in his zeal to prove the evolutionary theory manufactured these bone fragments which some dozen years later were proved to be absolute hoaxes.  He said this.  “Is evolution a theory, a system or hypothesis, No; it is much more.  It is the general standard by which all theories, all hypotheses and all system of thought must henceforth bow and which they must satisfy in order to be thinkable and true.  Evolution is the light which aluminates all fact, a trajectory that all lines of thought must follow.”[xiii]

As Christians our goal should be to introduce the Bible and the Biblical truth of Creationism into the Public school system once again.  We must take back “that which the palmerworm hath left and the locust hath eaten; and that which the locust hath left and the cankerworm hath eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left and the caterpillar hath eaten” (Joel 1:4).

We have now finished examining a theory of evolution that is a compromise between religion and science known as “Intelligent Design.”  It is a theory whose proponents refuse to define what they call an “intelligent designer” who is behind the creation and who is sustainer of our universe and world. 

We will continue with our examination of different Atheistic Evolutionary theories next month by examining a theory is called “Atheistic Evolution or Darwinism.” 

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