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Kenya Missions

The purpose for our mission’s trip and ultimate ministry in Kenya is as follows:

First:        To teach the basic fundamental doctrines described in Hebrews 5-6.

Second:    To teach Unity! As described in Ephesians 4. The “Unity of purpose”, which means fulfilling each individual calling to the utmost, then through the unity of the Body of Christ each individual going on to unimaginable heights and ultimately winning East Africa for Christ. 

Third:       To show the Pastors and brethren HOW it is possible to work together in unity of purpose.

Fourth:     Teach regarding Pentecost, and the initial evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Along with the gifts of the Holy Spirit described in Romans 12, 1st Corinthians 12-14; Galatians 5 and Ephesians 4. If all that teaching goes well and there are positive results then;

Fifth:        Set up an organization of oversight with each member of the network an integral and equal part. It is my hope that through these teaching that you will catch the fact that you are not working for yourselves but for the Kingdom of God.  In unity there is much power and blessing!


Teaching the Orphans

Sixth:       To build and run orphanages, Red Cross Centers, and homes for widows.   These centers will be run and kept running by indigenous personnel.  The indigenous personnel will be part of the every day operation of these shelters and ministries.  They will be paid above the average daily rate for the area.  It is our belief that this will give them self esteem. a reason for living and a means of supporting themselves and their families, and at the same time be part of our ministry and learn the fundamental doctrines needed for a strong life in the Lord.

Seventh:   To set up a Bible schools and worship center for anyone and everyone who wishes to learn and worship the Lord Jesus Christ.  The school will consist of four parts.  First is a College for Pastors;  Second a school for lay ministers;  Third for the young to learn of God and His ways;  Fourth as a school for the children to learn the basic reading, writing and mathematics necessary to make a good life for themselves.

Eighth:       To create well grounded and powerful Disciples of Christ in order to send them out all over the world.  This we will accomplish by teaching the entire Word of God – line upon line, precept upon precept.  
Isaiah told his people: “Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts. For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line: here a little, and there a little:Isaiah 28:9-10 

Some of the Leaders

Lastly:        We wish to turn over the onsite ministry to our Bishop in Kenya for onsite oversight, correction, instruction and physical help when necessary, along with True Light Ministries Int. here in the US adding continual assistance.  For the future however it is my wife’s and my sincere prayer and vision  to one day come and stay with the people of Kenya, Lord willing, and all of us minister together for the salvation of East Africa.

Please view our short presentation of our last trip to Kenya above, and keep on keeping on for Christ.  Please be steadfast in continuing in His will and work. Have faith in God and fear not for the people of Africa, God will provide people with the means and experience to continue His work and accomplish His perfect will. (Acts 15:35-41).

In His Service
Your Brother in Christ
Rev. Mario A. Bruni M. Div.

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