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Rev. Mario A. Bruni and his wife Maria are the founders of True Light Ministries Int. Inc. a nonprofit organization, with groups in the U.S., Africa, Pakistan and India.  Rev. Bruni has realized his God-given gift to effectively communicate the Word of God through writing and speaking. He is an anointed teacher which is made evident through God’s confirming power when he ministers. He is the author of “God’s Untapped Resource – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” where He clearly and precisely shows why The Gifts of the Spirit are not used, how they can be tapped into, and the proper use of each of these unlimited and powerful world-changing gifts.  His ministry goal is to equip, empower, and encourage Christians that will by a life of holiness and vocal boldness and Godly wisdom stand for God in these last days.  “God’s Untapped Resource” has been called one of the most comprehensive books on the Gifts of the Spirit. 

God has empowered Rev. Bruni with these gifts to empower generations of Christians. Rev. Bruni has appeared as a guest on a variety of television and radio shows including; Nite Line, The Miracle Channel, The Morning Show, Atlanta Live, Cornerstone TV, Viewpoint Radio, the Debbie Chavez Show and many more. His teachings are now being used for Sunday school lessons, pastor's sermons, home Bible study groups, and classes at other Bible Colleges. He has also been asked to start other Bible schools, create curriculums for existing schools and lectures all over the United States. Give God all the Glory!

The vision of True Light Ministries is to create a church atmosphere where God can descend and dwell in holiness, demonstrating His awesome power and presence to all who would call themselves “Christian.” Rev. Bruni wishes to unify all believers and churches in biblical truths and in lasting and eternal Kingdom purposes. For it is only when we come together in love and understanding, putting aside selfish ambition, picking up our crosses and modeling ourselves after Christ that we will truly represent Christ and turn the world upside down.

When Rev. Bruni ministers he fully expects the exciting, transformational power and purpose of Christ to manifest.  Then by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit those who hear him will ignite their home churches and communities with a fresh passion for Christ and His Kingdom purposes.

If you would be interested in having Rev. Bruni at your next meeting you can contact him by visiting his web-site where you can freely download and enjoy his many biblical teachings, or by contacting him at  Rev. Bruni fully believes in the Biblical principle found in Matthew 10:8-14 and all his ministry engagements are accepted on that foundation.

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